Transportation Tracking Solutions

All the information you need, all the time.

Improve customer service with continual ETA updates. Receive real-time reports about on-the-road driver behavior to assure passenger safety. Save money on fuel by monitoring the speed of each vehicle along with excessive idling. And protect your fleet investment with Silent Passenger’s maintenance module – letting you know when routine procedures such as oil changes and inspections are due by automatically sending you email reminders.
Passenger Transportation.

CloudHawk is a recognized leader in fleet management technology for buses, taxis, limos and other passenger transportation vehicles. With customized software you can quickly and easily:

Increase the number of rides completed per day
Reduce unauthorized use of vehicles; eliminate side jobs; verify “as-directed” jobs; geo-fence restricted areas, establish geo-fences and landmarks for drivers prior to vehicle deployment
Document actual hours worked (matching locations and times with trip tickets)
Bill more accurately
Organize, deploy and route crews quickly and accurately

Vehicles for education, disabled persons and special needs.

It delivers many features that can increase both the safety and productivity of managing educational fleets, specialty vehicles and ambulettes.

SP Safety module provides live updates of travel speed; monitor the speed of an entire fleet or a single vehicle
Stops Reports show detailed information about where a vehicle stopped, when and for how long. Send data between a command center and hardwired equipment
Ability to replay a vehicle’s path to ensure that drivers are following the proper routes