Matrix Data-Voice-Messaging Convergence combines the functionalities of a Data Router, Firewall, Wi-Fi Access Point, LAN Switch, IP-PBX, VPN Tunneling, GSM FCT, Analog PBX and a lot more from a single device. Matrix NAVAN CNX200 is a single box solution offering Business-class IP Telephony, Wireless Connectivity, Workplace Mobility, Internet Accessibility and Remote Site Connectivity. This converged solution is gaining prominence because all these features are available upon installation of a compact and an elegant single box.


  • Internet Browsing (Select from Many – Broadband, 3G/HSPA, USB Dongles)
  • Surf, Play and Talk Wirelessly (Wireless Voice, Data and Internet Access with Wi-Fi Access Point)
  • Office LAN (IP Phones, Computers, NAS, Gaming Consoles and Network Devices)
  • VoIP Telephony (Long Distance Calling at Lowest Possible Rates)
  • Android Mobile Softphone (Anywhere access to Office Communications with specialized Mobile Softphone application for Android Smartphones)
  • Landlines (Traditional Phone Lines for Local Area Calling)
  • Multi-Site VPN Connectivity (Secure Integration with Branch Offices over IP Telephony and VPN)
  • DVR Integration (Specialized Mobile Viewer Application for Live Camera Monitoring)


Today’s Communication Model: Separate Device for Each Service
Tomorrow’s Converged Workplace: Single Box Solution for All Office Communication Needs