Video Surveillance

Matrix IP Video Surveillance is determined to serve best of the surveillance solutions to its customers in various sectors. From delivering customized solutions to adapting with the evolving technology, Matrix has always circumvented the challenges faced by different industries concerning security. With the rising terror and crimes, the need for foolproof security increases. To assure the safety and security of the most valuable asset of any organization – its people, a generic solution would not suffice, especially for an enterprise with branches scattered across different locations. A centralized IP based video surveillance solution is the cornerstone to managing multi-location offices. 

With that, our Video Management Software also provides Intelligent Video Analytics to mitigate the day-to-day complex processes. Motion Detection, Intrusion Detection, Trip Wire, Loitering, Parking Management, Tailgating and License Plate Recognition are some of the Intelligent Video Analytics that makes the processes simpler and improves productivity by notifying the right person in real-time. This leads to better management and analysis of future events by enterprises. 

By offering state-of-the-art products, Matrix Video Surveillance is penetrating its market across the globe in every aspect of security. 

In a nutshell, Matrix Video Surveillance is a reliable, scalable, flexible and smart video management system developed and designed with three dimensional benefits – proficient, persistent and preventive to deliver 24/7 enhanced security for large enterprises.

Yard Security

Boundary wall of your premises is the first layer of protection that keeps trespassers away. Any intruder trying to break in to your property should be identified at this point itself. Most solutions just give the live view of the camera, leaving the laborious task of monitoring up to you. Matrix Video Surveillance provides Intelligent Video Analytics, which give out instant notifications whenever someone tries to jump over the boundary wall. Its Trip Wire feature allows you to mark a virtual line over your entire perimeter and a notification is given out instantly whenever someone breaches the line. As this line is not visible to intruders, possibility of them trying to avoid the breach is nullified. This also saves you the trouble of continuous monitoring, where a slight distraction can be dangerous. Moreover, Trip Wire is a directional feature, which can also be used at entry/exit gates, so that a notification is issued when someone tries to enter from the exit gate or vice-versa.

Hawks are known for their eyesight all over the world. They can identify a prey sitting at distances hundreds of meter away. You too need your own hawk when it comes to guarding very large areas. Matrix IP PTZ camera has all the qualities of being your own hawk. With its full HD resolution, 30X Optical Zoom and viewing capability running into hundreds of meters, it can locate miscreants from far away. Its 360° pan, 256 pre-set positions and up to 10 configurable PTZ tours makes sure no corner is left unprotected. Besides this, E-map allows you to place a virtual map over your monitoring screen, and relevant area is highlighted in case of event detection. This allows you to monitor entire property on a single screen!